Every year in the US 200,000 small businesses fail. We want to help them before they do.  We're working with The Waterford Group USA to guarantee a business will be better off after working with us. 

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We are professionals helping businesses fix their debt issues

Did you know that once a small business declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy there is only a 1% chance of the business getting out of bankruptcy? Seekk and Find is partnering with The Waterford Group USA to help businesses that are in debt settle their debts so they don't have to declare bankruptcy. The Waterford Group USA has helped thousands of small businesses for 20 years settle debt for pennies on the dollar. Struggling businesses typically save up 75% on their debt, or on average $210,000 in savings. No matter the debt size, whether it's $50,000 or $1,000,000, we can handle it.

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