In order to qualify for any winnings, the following terms and conditions will need to be followed.

1) Any business can only have one person who referred it

2) All winnings are only paid out once they finish their debt workout plan, although partial payments may start earlier than that

3) The network chain from person to person can only have zero (signed up through our home page) or one referral (signed up on a profile page).

4) Businesses helped must be US based businesses and cannot be sole proprietorships

5) In order to get the full $2,000, $1,000, etc. for finding a business, the business needs to have completed their debt workout plan and had a total debt load taken on by TWG of at least $300,000

6) For the gift card portion of the contest, 10 businesses must be found - that make it through their debt workout - before paying out

7) For the Celebrity payout, Seekk and Find needs to have found 1,000 troubled businesses with $300k in debt that make it through their debt workout plan due to the celebrity


The above terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without warning.